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Last reported clinical cases between ARVs and comedications

Legend: P=Perpetrator V=Victim
dateARV involvedComedicationDose adjustmentOutcome
details28 Jun 2019 Cobicistat (P) Quetiapine (V) - No unwanted outcome
details27 Jun 2019 Cobicistat (P) Triamcinolone (V) - Toxicity
details24 Jun 2019 Tenofovir-Af (V) Primidone (P) - No unwanted outcome
details20 Jun 2019 Rilpivirine Methadone Yes Toxicity
details17 Jun 2019 Cobicistat (P) Red Yeast Rice (Monacolin) (V) - No unwanted outcome
details29 May 2019 Raltegravir (V) Mineral Supplements (P) - Loss of efficacy
details16 May 2019 Darunavir (V) Tejocote Root (Crataegus Mexicana Or Crataegus Pubescens) (P) - Loss of efficacy
details16 May 2019 Cobicistat (P) Paliperidone (V) - No unwanted outcome
details16 May 2019 Raltegravir (P) Melfalan (V) - No unwanted outcome
details13 May 2019 Rilpivirine (V) Omeprazol (P) - No unwanted outcome